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We were established in 1986 and have enjoyed installing solar heating systems for over 24 years.

The experience of installing over 1500 units’ means you can trust us when we say “we know what we are doing!”

Our Solahart product is imported from Australia (Solahart est. in 1953) and its’ quality is what stands us apart from all the rest. No other solar heating product in South Africa is made with the same material or precision. As a result we can offer you a unit which can last up to 30 years – longer than any other product.

No matter where you are in the Western Cape we will provide you with unbeatable service and and a high quality solar heating solution to suit for specific requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Geysers

1) Why a solar water heater?
Global Warming is becoming a serious threat to our planet and one of the many elements fuelling it is the energy burnt up while heating your geyser. A solar water heater will decrease your carbon footprint which inturn will help the earth. On top of that electricity prices are continuously rising, a Solahart solar geyser can reduce your water heating cost by about 90%. And when the power is out, you will still have hot water!

2) What makes Solahart more efficient?
A Solahart collector panel has 35 diamond-shaped risers to expose more of the Hartgard to the sun’s energy. The glass that covers a Solahart collector panel is low in iron to ensure the maximum energy transfer and minimum reflection.

3) What if the sun doesn’t shine?
Your Solahart solar water heater comes equipped with a standard back-up element. This element will heat your water during extended periods of cloud cover, poor solar radiation or if you use too much hot water too quickly. An optional gas-booster system is also available.

4) Can I put the unit in my back garden?
Yes if the sun is visible from the proposed position 8 hours a day! BUT…… generally speaking, the unit must be on the roof, on the north facing side to maximise the amount of sunlight the solar panels can absorb.

5)How long does it take to install?
Our dedicated and hardworking team can install your unit within a day.

6) How long does the system take to heat a full tank?
When using the electric element it takes 2 to 2 ˝ hours to heat a 300-litre tank. When relying solely on solar power, it could take 4 to 5 hours to heat a 300-litre tank.

7) Will I have hot water in the morning?
Yes, Solahart has a double ceramic layer with thick insulation. The insulation insures very little heat is lost during long periods when the sun does not shine. This means the water will stay hot during the night.

8) Must I have the tank on the roof – it is unsightly?
It is more a lot more efficient if the tank is close-coupled to the panels. If you are concerned about the tank, we offer colour options to make it blend with the roof colour. You also have the option of a Heat Pump installation which has a tank outside at ground level, or a split pumped system.

9) When will I get my money back?
All of our customers re-coup their investment in 2-8 years depending on whether they are vat registered businesses or a frugal couple in a cottage. The ESKOM rebate makes it are lot sooner!

10) I have a Guest House/Lodge, is it worth while installing SWH?
Most definitely! You will claim your VAT back. You will claim the ESKOM rebate back. You will write off the full installation cost against income at 20% p.year for 5 years (SARS Directive). You will save 80% of your present electric geyser costs. This will be the best investment you will ever make!

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